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Hydro Kinetic Storage Generator
The New Smart Distributed Renewable Power System (DRPS)

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About Us

Hydro Kinetic Storage Generator
The New Smart Distributed Renewable Power System (DRPS)

Autonomous plant to supply green power, green hydrogen and clean water

Let us introduce ourselves

Innovation has always been a part of an engineer’s culture. Throughout the years, they’ve built a reputation of challenging convention.
Where a solution didn’t previously exist, they’ve created one,  they are the pioneer’s in opening new frontiers for such fields as the renewable energy industry.

In this instance,  HyGen’s peer-reviewer always considered wise countenancing for our new technology.  They held respect for our competence and proprietary knowledge, and trusted that we will always drive true innovation and in turn the industry forward.

We at HyGen have always responded to the complex challenges faced including but not limited to the provisions of low cost reliable supply electricity and clean water on 24 hours per day and 7 days a week by technology sharing and transfer; power transmission loss and distributed power systems/smart grids; renewable hydrogen gas (RH2G) at less than $2/Kg for cars, trucks and sea transports; new clean propulsion engine for super long-range container ships; our vertical-space integrated aqua-phonic organic farming; macro socio circular economic developments; and reduction carbon footprint across major industries; and the stern endeavors to care and protect mother Earth.   Some of our most ground breaking technologies including low emission fluid-bed combustion reactor, liquefaction and hydrogenation for coal fuels have been internationally commercialized for more than a decade and are still set industry standards.

As early adopters of the carbon footprint reduction and energy efficiency revolution, our own proprietary renewable technology transformation has made us proactive rather than reactive, allowing us to deliver greater economic efficiency in a manner that is sustainable and mitigates risk more effectively.

Autonomous refueling-stations for EV and H2V

How it all came to be…

Our innovation in the Reverse of Hydro Static (RHS) devices;  and Proprietary Technologies for renewable power, renewable hydrogen and hydropropane and clean water projects have been realized through seemingly impossible constraints, endured over many decades.

HyGen STG  is ready and we promise to deliver the most cost effective renewable energy or cheapest option that is reliable 24 hours a day,
7 days a week,  and it is commercially ready to partake in the global renewable energy quests.  Through innovation, we will transform project economics with highly integrated business models and new defined services for communities.  Paying particular attention to the Island Nations on the Pacific and elsewhere that are faced with dire-predicaments on rising sea levels that already consumed historically beautiful beaches and lands.

We will continue in collaborations with both relevant and specializing Institutions to define our mission and deliver the new
way forward from the upstream macro perspectives including but not limited to the provisions  for developing new skills  and
technical training,  and the industrialization prospects through to mitigation and adaptation efforts for innovative social-infrastructures
that must provides the measurable and sustainable outcomes

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The solar energy is stored in the Secondary-Storage system is for kinetic-energy from the first hydro-static potential
energy conversion, in the arrays of flywheels in the arrays of flywheels (“electromechanical battery”).  The solar energy is also stored in a small battery bank to operate control and actuator devices.   The Primary-Storage system contained in a Tower filled with proprietary-liquid as hydrostatic potential renewable energy (“gravitational battery”).

The innovative unique process patented Energy-Storage systems are equipped with also patented advanced hydro-pneumatic and hydro-mechanical engineering machineries that are contemporaneously actuated on active and reactive disruptive works in a closed-cycle.  Thereby exists is a unique super-critical compression-phase in the continuous conversion, transformation, equilibration and reformation (“CTER” technology) of direct and reverse hydrostatic potential energy that transformation process results in high inertia fluid flows to turns a turbine and a generator to produce electricity. The solar energy stored in flywheels applied on stalling/stoic-cycles, referred to as delta stalling energy (“DSE”) on recovery-cycles.  HyGen STG technology is an autonomous integrated Energy Storage and Electricity Generator as the Smart Distributed Renewable Power System (“DRPS”)  that can also be coupled to produce hydrogen gas and clean water  have received granted patents from 85 global economy countries.


Hydrostatic Potential Energy

is common amongst divers as deeper in ocean so the pressure as the weight also increases due to gravity as renewable energy that always exists as acceleration 9.81m/s², and the potential renewable energy is equal to mass x gravity x column height (mgh in Joules).

Proprietary Liquid

200 ton of proprietary liquid of 1.3 density is converted hydro-mechanically to generate kinetic energy and mechanical energy that is turned into electricity for modular 1 MW plant capability of generating 22 MWh of continuous power discharge for 24 hours.

Specially engineered control

Specially engineered control software ensures the disruptive processes in a closed-cycle contemporaneously actuated each time

The modular

The modular 1 MW plant has a footprint of 400 sqm with tower height of 25meters, and is high scalability localized deployment right at the power demands locations. The modular plants are compact and factory assembled and tested, and the well-building approach means reducing on-site work, construction time and costs, thus eliminates much of the risk and cost associated with conventional powerhouse construction

autonomous power supply

Ideally suited to remote solar/wind/hydro energy storage as well as an autonomous power supply. The system may also be used as dedicated direct pure sine waves power supply for data centers, and also as autonomous refueling stations for both electric and hydrogen cars, buses, trucks, marine vessels, etc.

the best outcomes on levelized cost

Provides the best outcomes on levelized cost of energy delivered (“LCOED” ) over 30 years life-cycle and overall upstream and down stream  economy and carbon foot prints efficiencies.


Here is their question:

“In particular, we would like to understand how the cycle is supposed to work, with which net energy is supposed to be extracted. I think it would be valuable if you would briefly describe this cycle or the idea of how the energy is to be obtained in an understandable way.”

Kindly advise, thank you

# Most of you are already aware that all power generation in existence, including all forms of renewables are based on an open-cycle of one energy boundary system that depletes the energy input storage.

# The HyGen technology is based on the first of its kind a closed-cycle of two energy boundary systems [CCTEB] that allows the use of positive and negative gravitational force and gravitational kinetic energy as energy inputs by conversion into the process-cycle. Just like the coal, gas etc,energy input into a process-cycle is a product of conversion as heat and mechanical energy.

The CCTEB through an induced disruptive-cycle yields the natural multilevel gravitational pressure and gravitational force gradients of a significant measurable quantum here as unimpeded negative hydrostatic potential energy to further yield an additional substantial gravitational force to do work into the process-cycle

Therefore, the sum of energy flow balance is from various augmentary-cycles but not exhaustive-cycles like in coal/steam etc; that consequently yields mechanical advantage that is followed by the natural liquid magnetisms in the reformation process-cycle, that reinstates the storages as a reformable non-depletive system and thereby allowing the repitition of the disruptive contemporaneous coherent cycles. As a comparison for the process diagram in scientific explanations, here is the diagram for the Coal power generation and HyGen STG.

# augmentary-cycles means requiring no external-energy on various liquid phenomenon such as:- in venturi, equilibration and syphoning effects for induced multi-levels pressure gradients, and liquid natural magnetisms to reform work-liquid as a one body of hydrostatic potential energy.

HyGen STG Technology and Perspectives

from mass and gravity storages as energy input in the form of gravitational force and gravitational kinetic energy (EI). As long as gravity exists and mass is retained in a closed cycle then the storages is reformable and non-depletive.

there are 46% losses from the total energy input (EI) by numerous conversions and transformations.

about 50% can be extracted as mechanical advantage, less additional 15% in generator efficiency for conversion into electricity.

the process cycle contains numerous energy conversions and transformations that is an augmented-process; unlike coal, gas and hydro etc in their open-cycle has only one conversion in an exhaustive-process into heat, mechanical and kinetic energy respectively.

it means contemporaneous coherent energy processes attained by disruptive cyclic steps. As the world’s first in this technology which has been developed over two and half decades, we accept the natural process for the audience to understand this technology and the specific emphasis on numerous new mechanical devices of which 85% of the parts and assemblies are non-existent to date. Therefore, naturally the lengthy period of time required for those to be developed.

firstly, each 1MW only requires 400m2 of footprint area and is able to produce 23 MWh per day regardless of weather or climate. The Capex is approximately USD3.5 million per 1MW or USD0.40 cent/kWh. The Operational cost is USD0.025 cent/kWh. FYI the LCOE as a key investment criteria for solar or wind are generally the 90% key performance inputs and are based on assumptions. This is not applicable to HyGen as it is 24/7 operation regardless of weather or climate.

there are 5 units in Australia, Malaysia and Bali, from prototypes, working demo plant and an operating commercial utility pilot in Bali completed in Sept 2021. Current commercial plant deployments are 10MW each in Sabah Malaysia and Bali Indonesia; 3x1MW in Vienna Austria.

most of the energy equipment is fabricated in Europe and thus the plant complies with the EU CE certifications and standards.

for the first 1MW it is 7 months from site commencement and thereafter 10MW or more per 3 months online progressively. Should fabrication capacity increase, so will the delivery of plant capacity

no as it requires only one fill of the water-based silicone liquid that is stable and good for 15 years or more. HyGen is an independent autonomous distributed power system. This means the plant can be installed almost anywhere there is a power demand and thus ideal as remote EV charging pods and Green H2 refueling stations.

The HyGen special desalination unit can be installed within the power plant building to produce potable water from seawater, river or other source, as well as the installation of an hydrolysis unit to produce green hydrogen for mobility.

HyGen will train local community personnel to operate and maintain the plant. The plant can be operated remotely, which means 6 plants within a region can be operated by one technical operator supported by a standby 2-3 technical personnel for that region.

the plant does not use any flammable liquids nor chemical substances and the siliconized liquid used is inert and non-toxic to animals gardens or stormwater or sea.

the plant noise level to the front gate shall be no greater than 65dBa. The plant does not emit EMF radiation or static interference, nor harmful emission of any kinds.

it is not a perpetual motion as E input=E output + Es from somewhere; but it is perpetual gravitational kinetic energy as mass in gravity of 9.81m/s² (Newton of Force). Therefore, if you believe gravity always exists, so is the gravitational force and gravitational kinetic energy by disruptive steps and also the reformation of liquid mass in storage as a reformable non depletive system.

yes there are 5 family patents portfolio as granted in 83 countries. Latest additional patent portfolio was filed in London, UK on the 19th January 2023 for international protections. There are also 5 separate patents for the new mechanical devices to operate the HyGen machine that also have significant enormous global applications.

the patents are Titled with a Prefix as “Hydrodynamic Energy” under the name of James Kwok which have been officially published by the World Intellectual Properties Organization (WIPO) in Geneva; and granted patents published by the Patents Registry of the United States of America.

the inventor is Australian of Indonesian born. The inventors academic status was attained in UTS Australia and is a Chartered Professional Mechanical Engineer (CPEng) and is the Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia (FIEAust), and Doctor of Engineering (DEng-AIU) in power system. Currently as an adjunct professor in various campus and on the selected qualification panels who grants Chartered Professional Status at the Institution of Professional Engineers Australia for well experienced engineers. The inventor had been the long standing senior partner in CMPS&F, then the largest consulting engineers in Australia who have designed and managed mega projects including pulp and paper, cement, pharmaceutical, coal plant, coal liquefaction and gasification, fertiliser and DME, TEOR oil and gas, toll roads and bridges, high rise buildings, also held the granted global patents for fluid bed combustion reactor (FBCR) technology that have been industrially well commercialised and recognised as the state of the art technology for low emission coal fired and WTE plant. The inventor also awarded with Australia’s first Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) and held Generation and Transmission Licenses for all states and territories in Australia.

with the technology’s local partners the consortium will build own and operate (BOO) power plants and sell electricity to consumers and local power authorities.

yes the Bali plant continuous operations had been validated and verified by the independent experts to ISO and SGS compliances; and for the Technology had also been well verified by various qualified and respected International Journals of Sciences and Technologies as well as by various professionally relevant academia.

as the only independent autonomous distributed power system technology available HyGen STG plants can be installed almost everywhere unaffected by weather or climate; as a continuous electricity for communities in remote areas, data centers, commerce/industries, desalination plants, autonomous EV charging and Hydrogen fuelling stations; and for the cities’ major loads system, thereby main power losses due to high-transmission is avoided. Further, the sharing on the localized fabrication and manufacturing for plant and equipment supported by the technology transfers means developments for new industries and manufacturing in the manner that yields positive developments towards the country’s macro socio circular economy and ecological sustainability as critically essential to achieving net-zero carbon aspirations.

It represents the name for the plant as Hydrokinetic Energy Storage Generator.



We have  collaborated with specialized manufacturers , tool makers and fabricators internationally for the provisions of licensing manufacturing capacity build ups in various countries at the projects locations.These tasks are ongoing and some have considered this path to be the new engines for growth in the green economy future, today.


We have collaborated with various Institutions on technical and advanced educations internationally for
the provisions of training and re-training in the new skills on the multi-disciplinary industry sectors to
support manufacturing capacity build ups and by re-tooling factories in various countries at the projects locations.

These tasks are ongoing and some have regarded this path to be the new engines for growth in the green economy future, today.


We have collaborated with various legal funds management and underwriters internationally for
the provisions of future securitizing power purchase agreement (“PPA”) to deliver affordable and reliable electricity,
hydrogen and clean water.

Also separately securitized carbon reduction units (“CRUs”) to deliver electricity and clean water for
many hundreds of millions of people without lights and clean water in very vast areas across continents as the best outcomes
for mitigations and adaptations initiatives under the UNFCCC. These people lives matter.


HDRO Technologies Corporation Limited – New Zealand

HDRO Data Center Power Sdn Bhd – Malaysia

HDRO Green Power UAE LLC – Dubai

Renewable Utilities UK Limited – United Kingdom


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